Melas And Festivals of Himachal Pradesh: Birshu Mela

The three-day Birshu Mela started at Vashisht village today. Vashisht village is not only known for its hot sulphur springs and Vashisht Rishi temple, but also for the mela, which is connected with rishi Vashisht. It is celebrated from April 13 to 15 every year.

During the mela, local people, dressed in their traditional dresses, brought their deities to the temple. People from the upper Kullu valley and visitors come to see the mela in a huge number every year. Folk artistes perform natti, including Kulavi natti, on the occasion.

The lush green Kullu valley, surrounded by snow-covered peaks, is known as the valley of gods. The Beas also passes through the valley. Every village in the region has its own deity and the villagers organise fairs and festival and pay obeisance to their deities. Every village in Kullu district has, at least, a fair in summer.