Leopard with 2 cubs seen in lower Himalayan village


Though attacks of leopards on pets, stray dogs and cattle every now and then have become a cause of worry in areas like Bharadi, Bhapral, Ladraur, Gaahar, Bamm, Sunhani, Shah Talai, Suharghat, Jejwin, Kutheda, Kot Hatwaad and Marottan in this district, now a female leopard roaming about even during the daytime with its two healthy cubs in the Nichli Dadhole area, near Ghumarwin, has been a serious concern.

Reports said a female leopard had been seen by a number of villagers roaming with her two cubs in the area near village houses since over two weeks and this has been causing a threat to villagers.

Village elders who claimed to have seen the animal roaming around in village areas have urged the district administration to take immediate steps to catch these animals.

Meanwhile, local acting forest range officer Garja Ram said the department would try to arrange for a cage to catch these animals, but villagers should ensure that they do not allow their children to go near these cubs.