Dashrath Manjhi of Kunjargad

Meet #bharatrupwal of Sangamner, Maharashtra. The man who undertook massive excavation, making water reservoirs for Villagers of #kunjargad and their livestock.
In perhaps, his only interview till date, #ajaydhamdhere of Pune documented his journey which starts almost two decades back.  Climbing up the fort with friends one day – only to realize that there is no water and reservoirs are all mud and stone filled. Broken by British way back in 19th Century, no one thought or bothered to rebuilt these huge reservoirs which could have been life line for village downside and for their livestock.
That  night, they survived on muddy water, but when going back, a thought infested inside #bharatrupwal. He came back with basic tools of excavation and you can see in video- how he started working all by himself. It took him years, without any help or finance to complete this selfless effort which sometimes seems to be taking toll on his health.
His courage and dedication results in establishing a huge reservoir for water harvesting, conservation of monsoon rain to be used year long.

Interview With Ajay Dhamdhere of Pune